Just Raccoon

*Just Raccoon (JR)

*Aged 6 months

Just Raccoon (also known as JR) was born April, 2007 to Papa and Mama Raccoon of Oxford, Ohio. In May she moved to Pennsylvania. There she was adopted somewhat reluctantly by Polly, an 11 year old beagle. JR was always known as a friendly and a cheerful raccoon. Some of her nights were happily spent fighting with the Neighborhood Raccoons. She somehow found the strength to drag herself back to Polly after each night of fighting. She passed away Friday, October 26, 2007 as a result of a traffic accident. JR was found quite dead Friday evening in the road, near a neighbor’s driveway. Heavy rain during the evening may have been a factor in this tragedy. Left to cherish fond memories are godmother Polly and the Neighborhood Raccoons. She was shoveled off of the road at 8am on Saturday, October 27. Dad officiated. Final resting place is the Cornfield Beside The Road.