Keep Your Dream Just Give me the Money

Classes are officially over for this semester. This morning I took one backpack-load of books back to the library, this afternoon I plan to return the others I have strewn across my room. I found out that Honors students can keep books 90 days instead of 21 days so I took advantage of this.

Monday I reworked my schedule backwards from May 4 at 7pm. That is when I will finish my last exam. Coincidentally, or maybe not, this time is also when I leave for Moab, Utah for several days of summer and mountain biking. The schedule told me to move yesterday between class and work—I almost succeeded. The car starter mysteriously gave out. Few things are more demoralizing than a car that won’t start. Luckily, the Checkers next to campus had one in stock, so I hurriedly changed it in the snowstorm. An hour later I was back in business again and proceeded with the move. The driving snow didn’t have much effect on a soaring ego.

As far as weeks go, this one was exceptionally normal in the way that each week tends to be progressively busier than the last one. It feels incredible to check off assignments one at a time for a semester. Yesterday I completed three essays for economics and honors classes; this morning I handed in my 17 page research paper assignment; this afternoon I finished another econ essay. My new room is still furnitureless and unorganized. I utilize the dump-and-go method to move quickly and efficiently. Carrying well-used tubs, I dump my stuff in a corner of the room and go back for another load. Later this will get rearranged, but mountain biking comes first. Trigger, my Jack Russell housemate, is incredibly bright for a small dog. Just one glare from me sends him scooting out of my room; no words necessary. A different kind of look makes him run and get his rope toy. I think we’ll get along okay. I don’t do well with clingy dogs. Or people.

Saturday I will spend finalizing the few assignments that are left and organizing my room into a semi-livable state and packing for my open-ended vacation. Oh, yeah, and I work all day at the furniture store. There is a wedding reception in Phoenix tonight that I really want to attend, but not sure how that will fit. If I’m going, I should leave, well, about right now. I regret missing graduation because every year I recognize more and more names. My previous roommate is graduating on Friday, which leaves me with a tough decision. I might have to forego summer early and return to Flag. I’ll keep you posted. There might not be much else to write about.