Last Exit

This semester is flying by. Day after day and week after week are passing. In a lot of ways I want to stay here forever but that is not life. College is an enjoyable experience; a time where learning and development gets priority over all else. People here generally have big egos and even bigger dreams. I sit beside people with Hollywood or Wall Street aspirations, and they aren’t afraid to share them with me and others. Poets, philosophers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and diplomats are all thrown together in the same basket. I’ve gotten acquainted with people from dozens of countries and all of the world’s continents. It’s a heady and inspiring atmosphere.

This semester I’m taking five classes. My ski class that I was so excited about got cancelled.. so I signed up for a jazz class to replace it. It’s a rudiments and history course so I only need to do the book part of jazz. So far it’s been easy. The fitness class I enrolled in meets twice a week at the gym and we have prescribed workouts to do, or we can meander off on our own and do whatever we feel like. Lately I’ve been rock climbing, doing running and stair climbing to get in shape for July’s hill climb run, lifting some weights, and learning cross-fit, kettle bells, and good weight-lifting techniques. I’m taking three accounting classes: an IFRS regulations class, a financial auditing class, and an advanced tax class. The tax class is actually a graduate-level class so I join MBAs and others far more advanced than me, which makes this a challenging and fast-paced course. My business capstone class combines accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing into one summary course. We are formed into teams and we compete in simulated businesses. We choose our products, market segment, pricing, research and development, labor rates, automation, financing, etc. We compete on stock price and financial ratios. It’s a lot of fun but takes constant analysis and adjusting. I have one of the greatest teams I’ve ever been on, so it’s shaping up to be a fun semester.

Today I went skiing because the resort had $20 lift tickets on Super Bowl Sunday. Conditions were great and there were very few people there. No lift lines and fresh-groomed slopes. A few runs were closed because of lack of snow cover but most were open. I skied all day without popping a ski or taking them off, which I think is a first for me. My skis were fresh tuned with sharp edges so it was a real treat to be out on such a nice day. The video below is of my last run: a little over a mile run with 2,500’ of fall and top speed of 48 mph. It’s shaky because I was skiing with poles in one hand, camera in the other, down black diamond slopes. Don’t make me do this on moguls.

Tonight I have a case write-up to do, laundry, and general preparing for another week. I have to be on campus at 8am five days a week, so no break for me this semester. I’m still working in the IT department and plan on continuing as long as I can. I’m still a supplemental instructor and hold four on-hour classes a week on the principles of managerial accounting. This suits me pretty good because I get to do a lot in Excel and teach students cool tricks and tips. Spreadsheet skills are essential to working in the business world. I’m going to sign off, get some food, and get ready for this week. Cheers!