March 28, 2008

This very evening I have conquered Strohms Hollow Trail before sunset. I rode from gate to gate, 2.8 miles and 1000 vertical feet, without getting off to push my bike. All in 30 minutes, which shatters my previous record of 50 minutes. Without GU, Clif bar, or HR monitor. The ride down was fun as usual. Now I’ll have to try an extremely technical trail such as Flat Rock Trail in Colonel Denning State Park. I’ve ridden this one three times, but always by walking most of the way up. This downhill is one of the fastest extended technical rides that I know of. By the time I get to the bottom, my whole body is quivery and kind of numb. It’s 2.5 miles of gravestones, baby heads, and shark fins, to put it in crude biker terms. I’ll let you know when I manage to flash it going uphill. Don’t hold your breath.