Margins and Discipline

Where shall I start? How about with a quote I came across this week: Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop. by Lewis Carrol in Alice in Wonderland. I admit to having trouble knowing where beginnings are; endings, I’m not so concerned about, because as long as I don’t get to the end, I can keep going. Beginnings get me every time. Fridays are the worst. They represent the beginning of a weekend, and weekends are the only time I can crank out assignments. By Monday, I have the due dates pared down, assignments sorted out and submitted, and I’m starting with a clean slate. I know what I needs to be done when and I generally have a plan to get it done and room for contingencies. Beginning a weekend is problematic because there are many options, relatively few routine events, and a short time frame to work with.

The weekend is also the time I must do laundry, which has become quite a feat, given that it requires a 2-hour long period at home, during waking hours. I’ve resorted to dropping off a sack of clothes at the cleaners every week; this is definitely time-effective and ensures I get nicely pressed clothes, the tradeoff being a little more cost. I still do one large load of stuff-that-can-be-washed-together-and-that-does-not-need-ironing each week, which gets me by.

This was another long week that flew by. Monday I forget. The calendar shows it was full. Tuesday, I left the house at 5:45am for a 6:00 breakfast meeting, then stayed at the business college until 10:30pm studying for a management exam. I found out that I was chosen to visit Warren Buffett in November, so I’m excited about that opportunity. Wednesday, I got to campus at 7am and stayed until 11pm. Thursday, same, except I was in suit and tie all day. Most of Friday was also spent there, then I went on a camping trip in the evening, and didn’t get to bed until 2am. I didn’t sleep very well, and was up before 7, then spent the rest of the morning playing kickball, the afternoon doing homework until 10pm. Today, Sunday, I met a classmate at a coffeeshop early to work on homework because the business building is locked Sunday mornings…then an accounting firm took a few of us accounting students out for dinner in the evening to a very nice steak and seafood place. It was my first filet mignon in years (I usually get cheaper steaks if I’m paying), topped off with cheesecake dessert and coffee. Tomorrow night is a repeat, except with a different accounting firm at Olive Garden instead. So I’m way behind in sleep and Monday is upon us again. Tomorrow is a big interview, and an evening social, so not sure when I will catch up. School is going great, and I’m currently working on next semester’s class schedule and trying to figure out what to do for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I really need a holiday.