Maybe I’m Dreaming

What a strange week. Last Saturday I loaded up the bike in the car and drove to Jerome, AZ, a little mining town perched on the side of a steep hill. The purpose was to get away from Flagstaff for a bit and see a little more of Arizona. Jerome was very nice; it’s high elevation so it was cool and pleasant. I cruised most of the streets and walked downtown for a very relaxing day. On the way home, I stopped in Sedona and walked around there. A great way to spend my last free weekend.

I didn’t know then that yesterday I’d be working on a ranch, stacking hay bales and working with horses. But that’s what happened, and I ended up stacking hay bales inside a barn all afternoon. I’m still a little choked up from all the dust, but the workout was great. I’m looking forward to learning horsemanship skills in the near future. This could get interesting.

The rest of the week passed in a blur. I was working on campus in IT but my time each day was split between two buildings so I spent a lot of time commuting across campus. Driving a car was out of the question because of non-existent parking and clogged streets. I took the bus a few times, but college move-in traffic was so heavy that I usually biked or walked instead. Campus is full of disoriented students, parents in tow, looking for the bookstore or lugging boxes from car to dorm. Everyone’s positive and optimistic, ready for a fresh start—whatever that may mean.

I am optimistic, too. The calendar is full and there’s several backpack-loads of books waiting on the shelf. Several of my teachers had the audacity to assign homework before the first day of class, so I’ve been plugging away at that. It’s structured—almost easy—work compared to many of the summer’s tasks. The business college is like a second home to me. I know most, if not all, of the faculty by now, and will only have a few strangers in class on first day. Learning never gets old and can happen anywhere if one has the right mindset and tools.

Flagstaff is still here and I keep finding more things to love about it. I’m not looking forward to leaving; it’s like an extended vacation, including the jobs I’ve had. The roadsides and meadows are full of wildflowers from the showers of last month. I still walk around looking up at the deep blue sky like it’s too good to be true.