Me again

I have a few minutes before Communication class begins, so I will peck away at the blog a little. I have a comfortable chair, a large table, and I’ve just finished my math homework for the semester. Free tables are scarce in the library and computers are even more so. This would be the morning my laptop power cord quit again, the second time in 6 months. On my remaining battery, I frantically searched reviews and websites for another brand to try and one that hopefully wouldn’t be too expensive. The hundreds of computers in labs and the library are busy round the clock at this time of semester, working from a USB drive isn’t an attractive option now, especially with my VIP project due tomorrow morning at 9. Best Buy had the cord I wanted at a reduced price so I made a flying trip over there –problem solved. But the paper still isn’t written; the rest of the day is reserved for this final research project, which includes a prospectus, annotated bibliography, 10-page paper, 10-minute PowerPoint presentation, and a 3-page reflection paper. My topic is on e-books –I am focusing on digital distribution and copyright complications associated with digital media.

Most of my classes were canceled for today because assignments are finished. I’m trying to free up my mind so I can finish my paper; I’ve been around this topic so many times from so many perspectives that I feel like one of the many drafts that lies crumpled at the bottom of my trashcan. Mountain biking or running usually resets my brain, but I am still too bruised and broken from the weekend’s foolishness to do anything of the sort. I suspect a bruised or cracked rib(s) because of the lingering pain that comes with laughing and any type of upper-body movement. Sleeping is difficult and my side has a variety of brightly colored bruises.

I must go now. Wish me luck on exams and success in finishing this most brutal of a project…