Me You and the Dance Floor

Do I need to be reminded again that the good ‘ol days are going by right now? I love every one, at least in retrospective. Friday I attended an accounting career panel discussion at the business college. Twelve accountants in all types of work answered student questions about an accounting career. The employment and placement rate of college grads into accounting careers is pretty impressive. So, too, are the salaries, with starting salaries between 48 and 65k annually. This info tempts me to change my major from finance with minor in accountancy, to a major in accountancy and minor in finance. These quandaries are common.

I made two trips to the valley this weekend, as the locals call Phoenix. Yesterday I drove down and looked at a Subaru for sale by an individual. I drove around, explored the city that isn’t a city, did a little shopping, but the heat was so oppressive I soon returned to my home in the mountains. I liked the car, and decided to return this morning and drive Scooby home. Partly because of its age, partly because of the low price I paid, I took along a list of towing services and found a mechanic shop that was open on Sunday in Flagstaff in the event I needed to arrange a tow to pull us up the hill. Nothing of the sort happened, with my new purchase purring sweetly from an exhaust leak all the way home.

Arizona laws are such that a car can be sold without both parties going to a notary public, a surprise to me. The result is that I have a naked car, without license or parking permit, to accommodate here on campus. I parked it on the furthest-off commuter lot in hopes that it is too far for the permit enforcer to travel. Tomorrow or Tuesday I will provide it with parking sticker and license plate. Tomorrow will also be a good day to do all the homework and the laundry I’ve put off from Friday. And there’s grocery shopping and dishes to wash. But there’s always time for disc golf; as soon as Scooby and I returned from the valley, I played a game with James at Thorpe Park. One of the worst games I’ve played on that course—eight above par.

I have an adventure planned for us, maybe next weekend. Arizona bigness still intrigues me, so Scooby and I plan to go to the town of Bumble Bee and hike the Saguaro forests there. This town is south of Flag far enough that few green plants remain, with the exception of cactus, against the sunburned black rock. These hills are where the pioneers must have died of thirst and heat, I imagine, after conquering the rest of America. The naïve pioneers kept returning, over the skeletons of ancestors, and eventually built houses and cities where water and food is not. But that’s another story for another day. Saguaro cactus amaze me to no end, I’ll be getting close up and hiking in their limited shade. Today I saw a few with flowers which, I like to think, must be a rare sight.

Looking ahead to the rest of this week, it’s the same ‘ol but different stuff. I was grieved that I missed the football game Saturday in the Skydome with Senator John McCain, an NAU grad, doing the honors and sitting in the stadium with the students. Next Saturday I’ll be there working a concession stand, so I won’t get in on much of the spectator action, either. Homecoming is right around the corner, and the planning and organizing that goes into all that will be taking quite a bit of my time the next few weeks. Luckily, things are slow at the furniture store with the boss in Australia for a three week vacation. The aspens will be turning gold soon, and I’ve vowed to get up to Lockett Meadow and back into Inner Basin by hike or by bike to take all that in. So much for another week under amazing Arizona skies…