Michaux Mountain Bike Maps

Can someone please show me a good trail map of Michaux? Is there any map available that shows all the trails that are out there?

I’m looking for the perfect map of Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania that shows all the trails that are in the woods. There are probably thousands of miles of trails here, and surely there is a map somewhere that has them. When walking cross-country in the Woodrow area, one crosses about eight trails a mile. Many of these trails are ridden by bikers, and even used in races, yet there seems to be no map of their entirety.

I’ve ridden about 200 miles of trails in the central part of Michaux. I saved the gps tracks for many of these. Yet I don’t even think I’ve been on half of the trails that are out there. I’m always coming to intersections that are not on my custom made maps, and am constantly adding new trails to them. Does somebody have maps of these? Does anybody have at least a partial map of a small area?

I have the Michaux State Forest map available from PA’s website, and also the Big Flat and Michaux ATV system maps. And I have the Appalachian Trail Map Section 2-3 which is a great general Michaux map. But these maps are too specialized or cover too large an area to be much help to bikers or explorers.

I used Delorme Topo 5.0 to build my custom maps from scratch. I’ll probably be upgrading to version 7.0 or changing software altogether, as my new usb gps is not compatible with Delorme 5.0. Has anybody built custom maps in Delorme, or any other program? I’d be glad to share my files and help out in any way I can, also would be grateful for any data sent my way. Write me a comment at the end of this post if you’d like to get in contact.

Another related issue is how to get this map image onto my gps screen as a background map. There’s quite a lot of info online about how to make custom maps, assign coordinates, and load them onto a gps. But for a map with as much data and as many lines as mine, this isn’t feasible the way I’ve been doing it. I can get a coordinated image to the gps, but it shows up as a dark screen, probably because of the amount of detail. I think the better way would be to print paper maps of the trails and have numbered waypoints at each intersection that could be easily transferred to a gps. Trails would be fairly navigable with the help of a paper map to connect the intersections.

Again, if anybody knows of a map or data that may be helpful in this project, let me know. Contact me for my files if you’d like them. Post a comment on this page. Thanks in advance!

Here are some of the maps I have. The Delorme one I made, while the other one is a Michaux Forest map.