It’s still weekend almost a week later. That’s what it seems like anyway. Friday I only had one morning class and worked on homework all day. Saturday was much the same, except I got in on breakfast with ‘the gang’. I always look forward to weekend breakfasts when I get lucky and meet the neighbors in the café. This time we had 10 people around a tiny round table. Then Sunday morning I did it again with different people and then it was back to homework the rest of the day for me. I rode the bike up to the top of Mars Hill outside of town to check out the Flagstaff panorama. Weather was warm, 60 degrees, clear and sunny as usual.

Today was a holiday and a free day for me because I am finally caught up on assignments. I messed around in Adobe Illustrator and made some binder covers, wrote a couple blog articles, got my skis waxed, and did a lot of miscellaneous stuff. I haven’t gone skiing yet mainly because the snow has been melting so fast and I am too lazy and tight I guess. Fresh snow is forecast for the end of this week.

I’m writing this while parked on a big soft chair at the library, sipping my now cool Starbucks macchiato. I read an entire book on graphic design and a little from my communication textbook. I need to leave now and go for a little run to the other end of campus and back and then call it a day. Tomorrow is English and Chinese class and more homework, then Wednesday is a 9-9 class marathon. I love it. 😉