Monday Minute Journal

Okay, I know it’s boring, but for the record, here’s what happened today in my little world.

5:40 Alarm rings, hit snooze

5:50 Snooze again

6:20 Get up

6:22 Answer text message about accounting problem

6:23 Start computer, read email, star ones that need response today

6:30 Get in shower

6:40 Print scholarship letters on resume stationary

6:42 Wolf down bowl of cereal and a grapefruit

6:50 Put a sandwich together, pack food

6:55 Load backpack with books, food, and computer

6:58 On the road

7:12 Arrive on campus

7:14 Unlock bike, ride to north campus

7:24 Arrive at math building, look for Dr. Dumitrascu’s office

7:25 Find office at the end of the hall, locked

7:27 Sit on bench outside locked classroom with several other people

7:28 Pull out laptop, work on email, day’s schedule

7:40 Classroom doors unlocked

7:41 Sit down in math class

7:42 Approached by 3 people wanting help with homework

7:43 Stumped by math problem

7:44 Still stumped, my brain is not working this morning

7:50 Figure out the answer, go tell the people who wanted to know

7:52 Two more people want help

7:58 Professor walks in, turns lights on, we all wince

8:00 Pull out laptop, finish emails

8:04 Starting matrices, I pay attention because I have no earthly clue how to do this stuff

8:36 Pull out the laptop again, reply to two emails about craigslist stuff

8:40 Head out of class and hop on the bike for the ride down south

8:50 Lock up the bike, swap books in backpack with books from the car

8:52 Get first coffee of the day from Jazzman’s

8:54 Drop off scholarship letters at Dean’s Office

8:57 Walk into work, log into computer

8:58 Take first call from staff member who lost Outlook access

9:07 Head down the hall to set up a new student worker Outlook profile

9:09 Find out she is accessing the wrong server, get Damien to program new smart card

9:38 Move a thin client to move from the floor to a desktop

9:42 Under a desk untangling rat’s nest of wires

9:48 Getting hot under here

9:58 Clear profiles off another staff member computer to try to optimize it a bit

10:25 Back at desk, but not for long

10:27 Fire alarm goes off for annual fire drill

10:32 Everybody out of building so they let us back inside

10:47 Student comes in, lectern computer not working

10:48 Make it up to the fourth floor

10:49 Monitor not switched on, I like easy fixes

11:05 Stop by drinking fountain, refill water bottle

11:06 Download my free student copy of Microsoft Project and install it on laptop

11:12 Dig out granola bar and apple, finish cold coffee

11:28 Off to class

11:30 Furiously writing notes, this class is one the most intense I’ve ever taken

11:59 Finally a break, 30-second team project

12:00 Back into the lecture, deep stuff

12:20 Out of class

12:22 Sitting under a willow tree, wolfing down a sandwich and coke

12:33 Back to car for new books

12:36 In computer on fourth floor, logged in, doing email again

12:40 Class starts, I’m lost in this stuff

12:48 Still haven’t figured out how to make a new directory tree on my Redhat server

12:58 Got it, running through the rest of the project

1:40 Bored again, pull up Facebook

1:50 Skip out of class early, resolve to finish project tomorrow

1:52 Stop by Albert’s office to get accounting data for my internship project

1:53 Leave with Albert, because without Albert, there is no data

1:56 Swap books again at the car

1:57 Walk to math building

2:13 Arrive

2:14 Go to Dorin’s office, he’s actually in

2:14 Meet the guy I’ve been playing email tag with for weeks

2:32 Sit down beside a friend who’s watching a movie in mathlab

2:34 Pull out laptop, start entering my internship project dates and objectives in Project

2:35 First SI customer of the day

2:45 Joined by 2 other students with math questions

2:55 Full-blown session under way, and I have no answers

3:00 Delegate a student to go up and ask a list of questions to professor

3:06 She’s back way too soon, with answers that are impossibly simple

3:15 Still at it

3:45 Session officially over

3:46 A student has one more “quick” question

3:51 Take off for south campus at a bulky slog with 20 pound pack

4:06 Late for management class

4:07 Catch on pretty quick, the professor is very displeased by homework quality

5:00 Try to diligently take notes because of upcoming exam, fail

5:15 Pick up homework, another class done

5:16 Text Brittany to compare notes for accounting project

5:17 Meet Chris in hall, he doesn’t know where Brittany is

5:18 Brittany MIA, decide to grab some lunch from the Dub next door

5:20 Instruct a dour-faced kid how to make a falafel pita

5:22 Sit down, breathe a sigh of relief, and take the first bite

5:23 Brittany replies, where’re you at, weren’t we meeting at 5:15?

5:24 Stuff the pita back in the foil, and trot up to the third floor of business building

5:28 Realize I left my project in the car

5:32 Get correct books and case out of car

5:36 Back on third floor with saggy pita and warm pepsi

5:43 Papers all over the table

5:48 More classmates join in the fun

5:53 Go down to Cindy’s office to schedule classrooms for next week’s SI classes

5:54 Cindy is gone for the day

5:57 Back upstairs to the bean-counter group

6:14 Work on figuring out how in the world I am going to accomplish my accounting internship objectives

6:15 Entering dates and steps in Microsoft Project to form a visual plan of attack

6:32 Plan is starting to gel

6:42 Head over to Dub for Blue Key interviews

6:50 Fill out club application form, ask myself why I need more work

7:00 Interviews begin, find myself surrounded by nerds

8:00 Finally done, have no idea how I did, neither do I care

8:05 Back in business building, same crew still gathered around same papers

8:12 Guy from craigslist calls, wants to look at my bike, he’s outside now

8:15 Find him in the dark and show him my bike

8:17 He gives me the cash and rides off into the night

8:22 Back on the third floor, some classmates gone, others showing up

8:44 Wrap up project and answer a few more emails about math homework, I feel sorry for people

8:59 Jessica texts me, all in a panic about accounting project

9:01 Tell her that she just missed the party, but come on over, we aren’t leaving anytime soon

9:20 Starting to wrap up homework, have meetings planned from 5 ‘til 10 tomorrow, decide to call it a day today

9:41 Zip the backpack up

9:43 Get into car, turn up the heat, and head for home

9:59 Pull into the driveway

10:26 Print final aged trial balance report

10:30 Lights out