Monday, September 15, 2008

I had another good weekend. They begin with no plans but end up fantastically. Friday I had one morning class and studied the rest of the day. On Friday I had my first bike wreck. I’ve watched what others do in similar situations and I usually feel a little smug for avoiding conflicts, even if I wasn’t really aware of it. So, on Friday I was cruising along the bike path on my way to South Campus with hundreds of other bikers and peds. The path was packed full as usual, but I was just rolling along being careful not to make any abrupt moves. Without warning the bike ahead of me on my right made a sharp left turn across my path. I pulled on the brakes, and my bike stopped short and flipped end over end. I fell onto the other bike. Nobody was hurt and we picked up and continued on our paths, albeit sobered a little.

Also, on Friday I ordered a new bike lock. My cable lock works well, but there’s a nasty looking pinch in the cable where it looks like a pair of bolt cutters attempted to sever the cable. Aside from frayed outside strands, the cable held. There was a cut cable without a bike lying in the corner close to the bike rack, so I’m supposing that they found an easier cable to cut. In a few days I’ll have a lock that weighs about half as much as the bike and will defeat and ruin any bolt cutters that attempts to cut it.

Saturday was another study day. I got up early and had five papers turned in by noon. The afternoon I spent at the library trying to teach myself Algebra. Progress is slow. Saturday evening I went camping with the ‘Gillenwater and other friends’ gang in the woods close to a lake about fifteen miles out of town. It was a beautiful night with a nearly full moon and clear skies. The moon was so bright I couldn’t see many stars, but it lit up the woods very nicely. Cody fixed us a good breakfast of bacon and egg burritos. I got back home around noon, showered, ate lunch, and went back to the library for a four-hour attack on Chinese. I came home and went to eat with Paul and Jeremy from 3 doors down. Then I went to a nearby coffee-shop for another two hours of math, and after that went to Sonic with Cory, Steph, Kirk, and Erik for night lunch.

Today I plan to do some more studying. I have an English Placement Test tomorrow that will determine where I begin in English classes. I plan to study a little and hope for a high score. This sounds so boring, like the only thing I do is study. Studying at the library is strictly that, but study anywhere else usually involves email, phone calls, and friends dropping by, the occasional volleyball game and whatever else might come up. I find it helps to break up the monotony by going to eat with somebody or dropping into their room or doing anything other than reading page after page of textbook. But when assignments are almost due, I have to fill the backpack and computer bag with books, water, and snacks and head to the library and find a big table in a quiet room; there I can knock off huge chunks of assignments in a relatively short time.

That’s another week in the awesome land of Flagstaff. For those so inclined, we’re planning a small backpacking trip into Grand Canyon for sometime in the spring; if you want to join, drop me a line.