Monday, September 8, 2008

Once again I had a full weekend. I was kind of looking forward to, kind of dreading the long weekend. I had lots of plans; I wanted to go for a little bike ride and do laundry and make some pasta salad. That was it, except that I wanted some nothing time. Pretty much stuff that I could get done in a single morning with a long-lasting industrious streak. Friday night I tuned up the bike and loaded up my backpack for a short trip to the mountains. I didn’t want to have to slam-bang all over the apartment trying to find little necessary stuff I know I saw somewhere but couldn’t for the life of me locate. I know what I have here, but some of it I still have not found after moving in. I guess having everything organized is not a top priority with me. A factor here too, is that I have to buy a shelf or drawer to hold everything I want to organize. That means I pretty much end up with things stacked and stuffed, and there’s nothing orderly about that.

Saturday I awoke, and after the customary bowl of Reese’s Puffs with milk, loaded up the bike in the trunk of the car. That was fun. I still had stuff in there because I ran out of shelves and drawers to put everything in that I hauled out from PA. Finally I was loaded up and all set for the ten minute drive to the trailhead. Driving up Snowbowl Road was so awesome; the aspens or whatever they were, straight trees with white bark and round green leaves, were scattered among the pines. All the flowers and grass growing under the trees kind of makes me say ‘purty’ like ‘pritty’. Very nice. Yes.

I did the bike ride and made it back in top shape. I went 4.5 miles uphill on a smooth, pine needle covered singletrack, then downhill for 4.5 miles on a rocky, rolly trail. It was a fun ride. After I got back there were more activities going so I didn’t get the laundry done. Which means my clothing options were to recycle the dirty pile or wear mismatch until the laundry was done. I chose to not match, and I chose not to do laundry, which was kind of irresponsible. Besides, I had the whole next day to do my homework and laundry and wash dishes and stack clothes and clean out the car. So, it was evening and I still didn’t have my pasta salad made for the potluck here on Sunday… It was 10 o’clock already and I needed a little salt to put in the pasta. There was none in the house and the food court was already closed. I ran outside, got on the bike, and rode over to Target, but they were closed, too. So I kept riding until I found a grocery store that was still open. Flagstaff doesn’t see any reason to have stores open 24 hours, something I have a hard time adjusting to. After 9 or 10 o’clock, if I want to buy something, I usually have to wait until morning.

I made the salad, and that went ok for a first-time cook. It wasn’t very good, but I didn’t really expect to be, either. I considered it a huge success. Then I got a text message about going to Winslow. It was after midnight already and I didn’t feel like doing laundry or stacking clothes, so I washed the dishes and went to bed. I wouldn’t have had to make the salad after all.

Sunday I went to Winslow with some friends and hung out at Clear Creek Reservoir most of the day. It’s not a huge lake by any standard, but any water in Arizona is welcome. The lake is in slickrock country and it’s surrounded by small cliffs to jump off of. It was a lot of fun just being away from Gillenwater and out in the middle of the desert. The water was fairly warm. There is so much of nothing in Arizona.

We got back around 5 and ate at the Union. I got the washing machines going and worked on my homework. I cleaned out the car. Everything worked out fine.

…’til next time.