Moving is a lot of work. It took two trips from the motel room to the apartment because I could not fit everything back into the car. Then I had to carry everything in myself, through the keyed door, through the courtyard, and into my locked room. After I got everything in, I realized that I hardly had anything to actually live with. Things like dishes, towels, silverware, pans, and a coffee maker. So I went over to Target and started walking the isles. I soon had a heaping cart full, paid up, and moved all that stuff back into the apartment. But I didn’t have any dish soap, or any coffee for my coffeemaker, so back to Target I went for another load. Then I didn’t have sheets for the bed, or a pitcher for my iced tea and I needed some cups. And the room was terribly stuffy -I must get a fan. Target came to my rescue again.

The cashier at Target said that today is their biggest day of the year, even bigger than Black Friday. That’s not too hard for me to believe: if you take my purchases times 22,000, it comes out to a nice big number. The shelves are piled nearly to the ceiling with bedsheets, laundry soap, dishes, towels, and everything else. The isles are as full with shoppers as at Christmas, except now everyone is happy. I was happy, but still somewhat sore with all my extracurricular purchases I was forced to make in the past day or two; a parking permit for $222, a photo ID card for $25, an immunization shot for $65, a meal plan for thousands of $$$, and the list goes on. Tuition is just a drop in the bucket of total school charges.

I met my roomie Geno today. I think we’ll get along great. Everybody on the block is kind of like family, and it’s a very laid back atmosphere. There’s a large courtyard in the middle where Frisbees are often thrown and horseshoe pits and a volleyball net is on the way. I dropped my computer off at the computer fixer place on campus because I can’t connect to the super-secure network here. But there are thousands of free computers here for students to use and I’ll get along just fine I think. Also Geno said I could use his for a few days.

Today I did laundry. There’s a hi-tech system here where you can go online and watch when washers become available and also you can keep track of the washers you’re using so you don’t have to wait there the whole time. The washers lock so you don’t need to worry about someone stealing your clothes while they’re being washed.

Tomorrow I attend the mandatory orientation for new incoming students to the tune of $85 a person. Food will not be a problem here; today I found the food area at the Union Building and it’s a huge food court, all you can eat, just about like Ryans, but much bigger, and without the fried or cheesy food. The food tastes great -it’s not Mom’s cooking, but it sure comes close. It’s really good food. Maybe I’m biased a little because I haven’t had any home cooking for about a week now. And they serve Seattle’s Best coffee and espresso drinks and lots of desserts. I am relieved that I will not starve now, after all. Cafe food from town is expensive and time consuming, and it all kind of tastes the same after awhile. There’s quite a bit of variety here; everything from a fresh fruit and salad bar to pizza and pasta plates to fajitas and hamburgers. There’s not much fried food or cheesy stuff like mac n’ cheese. And there’s another food court with a Starbucks, Einstein Bagels, Jamba Juice and some other cool little booths. The meal plan that residents are required to have includes meals from the cafeteria and cash credit toward snacks from name-brand vendors like Starbucks. Well, the library is closing so I must go.