Moving On

The first week of work at my new job is complete and I’m left wondering where the time went and what I didn’t accomplish. I absolutely love the position and feel like it’s the perfect fit for me. There are a hundred little tasks to accomplish from signing up for benefits to completing personal profiles to completing wave after wave of training. I made fair progress and also devoted my weekend to this list, hoping to start off right by keeping abreast of all I can.

I passed three of four parts of the CPA exam and will be taking the fourth exam in October, so that’s something that’s still looming over me everywhere I go. I will study for it, just not now, not yet.

I finally moved my bike here in hopes of doing some canal trail rides in DC. There are many miles of dirt and paved bike trails along the river and canals, and I can’t wait to get out there and ride them at length.