Name, Major, Graduation, Class

Hello, welcome to career fair. Please go around to the right. Keep going, swipe your card, nametags are on that table. Write name, major, class level and graduation date. Grab a goodies bag. Fair is through the double doors on your right. Be sure to complete exit survey when done.

Take a deep breath. Straighten collar. Even stride. Look for someone I know. There’s Matt. Hi Matt, good to see you again. How is Scottsdale treating you? Glad to hear that. Here’s a resume, I’ll be in touch. That went okay, not too bad, who else is here? There’s Darren and Kris and Jessica, all in suits, wow. Head over to the refreshment stand and pick up a drink. Say hi to Cory. I know him because he rides a Cannondale with a Lefty, today he’s in a suit. No line at Charles Schwab, head over there. Not too eager, not too casual. Dan and Neal, strong shake, gotta remember those names. Any summer internships? Great, here’s a resume, do you have a card? Thanks for the bag of stuff. Have a great day, Dan, Neal. Handshakes again. Dan Neal Dan Neal followup Dan Neal. What’s IRS doing here? Auditors? Yikes. Well, maybe, if the pay is right. There’s no line, the recruiter looks lonely. Starting at GS7 for CPA’s. Translates to $42,300, raises every year, no competition. I could live with that. Just have to be a jerk. Here’s a resume, I’ll be checking back next week. Vanguard has no line, head over there. Nice suits. Adam and Rebecca. I won a mug from Rebecca back in 08 when I was the only one in the meeting who had VWELX. Hi Rebecca. I think she remembers me. Looking for an internship, Valley Forge or here, for this or next summer. I already know they want Finance guys and I’m Accounting, so I pitch my CIS slant. A few openings but easiest way to get in is through Broker Training. Hmm. Handsome pay for interns. But I’d have to get some nice suits. Here’s a resume, I’ll be back in the fall. Adam and Rebecca. I stroll through hotel row looking at all the nice posters, stop and talk to a few, but all management gets in with HRM degree and climbs the ladder. There’s Ecolab, Marriot, Hilton, all the big names, since NAU is the premier school in the US for hotel management. I circle through grad school row, not really looking for anything pre-med right now thank you. There’s a few insurance companies, nothing that sticks out at me. Some more capital groups, hey, it’s worth a shot. I have construction experience but is anyone buying construction equipment? Anything in this economy. I walk out, do the exit survey on one of the row of laptops, and ride the bike to class. Another job fair, another slew of emails and feverish resume tweaking and life will settle back to normal.