Nina Ballerina

Happy New Year to everyone! Out with the old and in with the new..and what an old it has been. It would be fitting to end each sentence with exclamation marks had I not scruples against such. Much proverbial water has flowed under the bridge—in the last few weeks, and so much more in the past year.

Speaking of classes, final exams ended and I went right into winter semester with only a weekend to separate the two. My brother and his fiancé flew to Phoenix and I picked them up from the airport after my last fall exam ended. To list the activities, individuals, and adventures encountered between Phoenix and Pennsylvania would prove cumbersome to the majority of readers, but I’ll write a little while it’s somewhat fresh in memory.

In Flagstaff, Macy’s Coffeehouse was our first stop every morning for fresh breakfast and a press of hot coffee. From there we went to Sedona, Grand Canyon, and to some less traveled regions of Flagstaff. Then we headed north to Moab, Utah and spent two nights at a cabin there, hiking during the day, relaxing downtown by night. The next stop was Breckenridge, Colorado, where we stayed three nights and spent our days snowshoeing, skiing, walking around Breck, soaking in hot tubs, hanging with friends, and enjoying the cool, crisp, mountain air. Thanks to especially resourceful hosts, we were able to have an all-expense-paid day at the slopes, complete with meals, coffee, and lift tickets for all. The remainder of the drive to Pennsylvania passed quickly and without incident.

Christmas was spent in Pennsylvania with family. My previous employer was shorthanded (and would I like to help?), so I went back to running dozer this week, just like old times. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to operate heavy equipment after being away for so long but it didn’t take long for me to bond with my dozer and get the fine grading sense back. I even got the chance to put my CDL to use moving equipment with the truck and trailer across the formidable maze of bridges and villages that is rural Pennsylvania. I missed a few gears but overall was quite pleased that I could still drive truck, and in 18th century streets, too.

Next week promises to bring more excavating work, more school work, and a bunch of last-minute tasks that need to be done such as buying textbooks, getting new car tires, and a dozen other small yet important things that need to be done before another semester begins. And, that, my friends, is where I shall stop for tonight. May your New Year be filled with happiness, success, friendship, and all things you desire!