No day but today

It’s the beginning of my last week of a summer in Phoenix. It’s been an amazing time and I’m sad to be leaving so soon.

I hiked Camelback tonight, and I struggled. It’s not nearly as hot as last week, only 100 instead of 115, but the humidity is at record levels (30%), up from last week’s 9%. And, it’s just hard work climbing a mountain.

A dust storm swept through here on Tuesday afternoon, plunging the city into darkness and chaos. A wall of dust a mile high and 50 miles wide blew in from the desert. I had just gotten home from work and had some friends over when the fire alarm went off. We looked out the window and saw darkness and clouds of what we thought was smoke, so we hurried outside, but quickly went back inside because we couldn’t breathe or see more than a few feet. It was eerie; we sat in our apartment in the dark for an hour with the fire alarm ringing. The cloud was gone as quickly as it came, leaving everything coated with a thick layer of dust. The incident was added to my list of reasons why Phoenix should not be located in the middle of a desert.

This week is going to be another great one; I’ll be on different clients doing different types of work. (Wow, that was a descriptive statement.) Now I’m starting to ramble, plus I’m getting tired. I think it’s time to sign off for the week even though I haven’t really said anything. G’nite all.