On the Move Again

It’s the weekend for me; my last class of the week ends at noon Thursday. It seems like Monday afternoon or Tuesday. So much has happened in the last five days. My life turns over every few days. Where to begin…

Sunday I drove down to Scottsdale and hung out with a friend and tried to stay cool in 110 degree weather. We were at a coffeeshop in the afternoon when my roommate/landlord called to tell me I had to move out of my room by the end of the month. He’s going through a lot of girl-money-drama in his life right now and things are pretty rough for him. I was shocked and had no idea this was coming. I’ve lived here only a few weeks and have finally gotten my stuff out of boxes and up off the floor. With a string of externships and a bunch of summer classes and extra hours at work I had no time to search for rooms, let alone move again. But my friend had a room at her condo that was open, so after a quick call to the North Carolina landlords, I had a place to move in. The place is a 2 bedroom, 3 bath condo, fully furnished at the same low price I am paying now. I get more space, get to lose the dog, and get a garage and an awesome roomie. My boss loaned me his furniture delivery truck, so tomorrow I will make the move.

Classes are going okay. Midterm exams are past and I scored A’s in both. It seemed like it was all review but I’m sure this will change. The mentality in a class of accounting students is totally different than broader lower level classes I’ve taken previously. Everyone seems very bright and driven to get good grades. There are no duds—in some classes up to half of the students make it clear that they hate each and every class period. I anticipate strong competition for the 90th percentile in these classes.