Oops…..I’m Sorry

Here’s something I found that’s borders on futility. Oops…..I’m Sorry is a website that lets people post anonymous apologies to people they have wronged. There’s also a place where you can write about an apology that is due you, and a place for confessions. Here’s an example of an apology:

*To the lady in the red Corvette (nice car by the way) I was the one who swerved into on the Hutch last night. I AM SO SORRY! and really happy you didn’t hit anything because that would have sucked. you have a nice car. You honked your horn really loud and for a long time and I got your message, you were MAD and you had every right to be. I dropped my phone and was stupid and leaned over to pick it up, I couldn’t reach it and see where I was going so I just grabbed it real quick. That was a mistake. I won’t make it again. I hope you read this and know that even though you probably think I am a jerk I am sorry and I won’t let that happen again.

We’ve all done something and later wished there was a way to go back and apologize; it happened so innocently and we didn’t mean it the way the other person took it. Well, maybe we wouldn’t actually go up to them and ask them to forgive us, but we are grieved for their situation. Is there any merit in posting anonymous apologies for the world to see? And do people take this service seriously? Appears not, according to a post from the ‘Apology Due’ section:

*I read your comment to a confession I posted. It was helpful but it was also hostile and insulting. My situation may have seemed trivial to some but I didn’t know what to do and I was embarrassed by it so I posted a confession. I am now less embarrassed than I am insulted. I didn’t know what to do so I asked for advice. I am grateful I received it but the way you wrapped it up in judgement and arrogant insult was superfluous. You don’t know anything about me except the fact that I am ignorant when it comes to the ways of newspaper delivery. I have my own jobs and responsibilities and fixing someone else’s mistake is not my top priority. This doesn’t make me ridiculous, or duplicitous. You were way off base.
I appreciate the information you gave and will use it. You were out of line judging me and I absolutely feel you owe me an apology for your judgement, arrogance and condescendence. I doubt very highly you are a better person than me, I would never judge or insult another the way you did me.

Yet another feature available to users of Oops…..I’m Sorry is the Virtual Conscience. Virtual Conscience is a service that lets you send a prick to the conscience of anyone you choose via email. I am not making this up. Surely it would be better to communicate directly with the person you are talking to. Maybe sometime in the future there will be a way to share concerns and apologies without using a conciliator.