Windows 10

I took the dive and installed Windows 10. Or rather reinstalled it after running the Insider version since its release last year. Using the word Insider »

Quick update

Happy Fourth of July! It’s a nice rainy day in DC so we’ll be having our picnic indoors today. The rest of the day »

All things must change

Hello friends. I thought I’d write a few lines again just to see what it feels like. Almost everything else is different. It’s a »

Inscrutable to the last

It’s been another one of those weeks – good, challenging, inspiring, gray. The cold continues. Spring is maddeningly close. Days slide by without a shadow. Today »

A perfect cup

Today was an icy, rainy day. Perfect for making coffee. I have a fresh bag of Starbucks Christmas Espresso beans. I tried a new coffee ‘recipe’ »