Pedantic Incompetence

Infuriation, resistance, determination—pugnaciously competing for my soul. All of last week it took. That paper, only five pages, every word a hard-won victory. Because it was a prospectus and not just a paper. Each word in a prospectus is worth a hundred in a regular paper, and perhaps a thousand in conversation. The distillate of parts of dozens of books and thousands of words and many, many hours of work that my prospectus embodied was dismissed in a brief email from my instructor; too vague, little credibility, lacking evaluations—which is like telling a legless squirrel that he will one day climb trees and run wires with the best of them. And I wanted to go biking this weekend…sigh.

In business law class, things are not going well. I would chuckle a little if I knew my teacher couldn’t see me. Seems on the last two exams the class average out of 550 students was a meager 62%. I guess bad grades don’t necessarily mean dumb students because everyone got extra points added on to their score to bring the average up to meet university standards of 76% minimum. This time around the professor repeatedly drilled it into us dummies that even though we were all bright kids and America’s future, we really should study more and prepare for these exams. Much pacing and foot-stamping by the professor accompanied threats that there would be no adjustments on future exams, along with recommendations to abstain from Facebook and texting and eyebrow tweezing during class. A somber mood prevailed in the classroom, but alas, the day of the third and fateful exam arrived.

Yesterday, the class grade chart for the third exam was explained on PowerPoint by a sober-faced professor. Turns out, this time around only one out of the intellectually-challenged 550 got an A -indeed, more students got an 8% than an A- and the class average was a 57%. What’s more, she explained, was that the finals were indeed final. And a cumulative class average of 60% isn’t exactly a predictor of good grades on the final comprehensive exam. Future remedies include additional evening classes and retakes of the exams to correct the low-learning environment.