Pragmatic Idealism

Hi friends, and welcome back! It’s been a great day in NoVA(Northern Virginia), as the locals call it, and a nice weekend is almost over.

I borrowed a road bike and have been riding it whenever possible. I love being able to go fast effortlessly compared to a mountain bike. Monday (Labor Day) I rode a 20 mile loop on paved bike paths, and today I went for a 35 mile ride all on paved bike paths except for 3-4 miles. There is an abundance of bike paths here and spectacular riding to be had along the river and among the monuments of DC.

Amazon introduced a new Kindle last week—the Kindle Paperwhite, which has a built-in reading light and improved resolution and “brightness” compared to previous models. Hopefully I’ll get one sooner than later.

And that’s the NoVA news update. I’ll be back. Enjoy your week!