Ridin’ Solo

I picked up my new car in Tucson yesterday, an Acura TSX, and drove it up to Flagstaff in the evening. It drives like a dream—quiet, fast, and comfortable. I am very pleased. I like being back in a car that reaches 120 mph without hesitation and remains there confidently (without me feeling the need to watch the mirrors for failing parts and smoke rings) should the legal need for speed ever arise. Had I actually driven this fast, I might have remembered younger days of midnight racing where several carloads of insecure teens frequently took to the freeway well in excess of twice the posted 65 mph limit. If I had been driving those cars my risk of dying would have been pretty high. Thankfully, everyone knows that accountants are risk-averse people who would never engage in such gross acts of unprofessionalism.

A long weekend is partly past already. The to-do list is pretty long and I expect to spend the next few days attacking it. Classes are going well so far. It remains to be seen when I might have time for homework or recreation, but those things usually fit in between the cracks somewhere. So far there have been no cracks in the schedule, though, which is why I need to work ahead several weeks during this weekend. I have evening meetings 4 nights a week, which effectively negates the luxury of completing homework during the week..