Room at the Top

Homework is going swimmingly. At least it was until I decided to eat lunch and write a short blog post. I made it through process costing and equivalent units allocation but am stumped when conversion cost proportions are not given to me in the problem. Maybe living with a fellow accounting student is not a good idea. We talk about things in terms of sunk cost, opportunity cost, and weighted averages and understand each other perfectly. It is very peculiar. Living with a roommate who talks is a bonus. Grunts are really hard for me to understand.

Living conditions have improved dramatically since my move on Friday. My bedroom is approximately the size of my backyard. Really. So the back yard is pretty small. I have a deck outside my second floor bedroom and there’s a deck on the first floor with a table and chairs and a carpet of pine needles. I haven’t figured out why Flagstaff real estate is so expensive; perhaps it is due to the water situation. There are wide open expanses of land just outside of town because this is Arizona and these are the high deserts.

This time I discarded a lot of my stuff and furniture. Moving furniture is not fun, especially when it needs to be done every few weeks. I bought some disposable furniture for my last place, but this place is furnished to the gills, so my furniture went to Goodwill and the people who I helped dig it from the dumpster with. I still have a boatload of furniture in PA, no idea what’s going to happen to that. Fortunately for me, my parents live in a monolithic house. Maybe when I get my own boat I can relieve them of storage duty… :)

Yesterday evening I did a 13 mile mountain bike ride to check out my new surroundings. There are many miles of singletrack accessible to me without driving to a distant trailhead. I rode out to Fisher Point via Skunk Canyon and did the 700 foot technical climb to the overlook and then bombed back down without plunging over the edge. My bike was complaining the whole time because it has ridden 75 miles of rough, dusty trails in the past two weeks without lubrication. I gave it a tuneup after returning and found some almost-broken parts, so it will need some TLC before we venture out on the steeps again.

My lunch break is over. I’ve decided to throw some numbers onto the spreadsheet and fix it when we go over the solutions in class tomorrow. At least this way I get credit for effort. And, if I’m lucky, I’ll figure it out during my numbers generating process.