Saturday, July 26, 2008

This morning I loaded up the bike again after a month-long sabbatical due to the heat, humidity, and work on the rental house. I could still ride bike, but I have lost a few important things such as stamina and energy, and gained a little equally significant something called body weight. All this made for cruddy riding conditions; I had planned to do a twelve mile loop, hoping to extend it to 24 based on my feelings at the eight mile mark. Well, the first three miles were all downhill since I parked on Big Flat and rode down the ‘trail beside Ram Hill Trail’. It’s an awesome singletrack loaded with dirt jumps, small drops, and banked corners. I managed to navigate successfully down to the bottom of the mountain without taking any frustrating wrong turns, and began to climb up the hill again. Two very fit bikers whizzed past me going uphill on a steep, loose singletrack as I was fortifying beside the trail with a Clif bar, and I decided to catch up to them and show them how things are done in Michaux. I clipped back into the pedals and powered up the hill somehow, and I got close enough that I could hear them talking just ahead of me when I really bonked good. I was out of breath and I just couldn’t go anymore, so I got off and walked the bike uphill. After reaching the top, I rode down the other side a little ways and got to the trail that goes over to the logging road that cuts over to Birch Run Road, took it, and ended up riding back toward the parking lot after doing only four miles. After another two miles back to the pickup, I felt pretty good again, but I loaded up and went home anyway.