Senior Legacy

Final exams are around the corner and I’m finding it difficult to stay focused on the books. Yesterday I took a few hours off and hiked to the top of Mt. Elden, where the wind was roaring through the towers. It was a good hike, but more than that, it was great to be outside and be able to think about things other than books. Today, again, I’m stuck. I got a good start with accounting, then my interest trailed off. I fixed a flat tire on the bike and now I’m typing this post while fighting a powerful urge to hike a nearby canyon. The weather is beautiful and dry—day after day of cloudless sky and moderate temperatures make me restless, I guess.

The indifference about studying this semester is alarming because I’m on the edge of letter grades; a little extra study will mean certain A’s, while slacking off could mean a B or two. GPA isn’t as important to me as it once was, but I really do want to learn this stuff I’m paying so much to have access to.

Summer is almost here and with it a new position in a new city. Before that, though, I want to make a quick trip to Zion National Park and do a few hikes there. Then I will be ready for whatever summer brings my way.