Shake and bake!

Happy Monday! It’s been a great day even though it feels like every muscle in my body is sore. I’m fully prepared to run a marathon now, everything, that is, except getting the running part done. The important stuff like hanging up 10k posters on my bulletin board and buying good running shoes is already done. Sometime I’ll find time to run, but this week is too busy. Ad infinitum.

Actually, that’s not quite true. I go to the rec center regularly and use the treadmills and dumbbells but that still didn’t prepare me for the dodgeball tournament on Saturday. Turns out some people take these things seriously. The football team even had a team, which we nicknamed The Army. Our ad hoc team of soccer players and accountants, aka Team Ricky Bobby, lasted all of 20 seconds up against them. Ricky Bobby did win a few matches but lost far more of them. It was two and a half hours of nonstop dodgeball, which was about 2 hours too long for this guy. Moving any part of my body now requires careful planning lest I erupt in pain. There are bruises from the fast-forwarded games with The Army, bruises from jumping up and rolling on the concrete gym floor, and achies from all the other muscles in my body.

Friday I drove to Phoenix with a friend to scout out potential summer housing. We’re working at different locations but are trying to find something between our jobs so we wouldn’t have to room with strangers. We almost succeeded. My friend nailed down one bedroom of a nice 2-BR place, but the guy I was trying to oust was gone so my room is still uncertain. Then on Sunday, two more rooms opened up with people I know that are closer to my work so I may end up living further north.

I’m actually a tiny bit excited about moving to Phoenix for the summer after exploring some more there on Friday. I’ll work in Scottsdale and might live near Tempe. Both of those areas have a lot of nice places to eat, shop, and pass the time. I am keeping my Flagstaff house for the summer so I have a vacation home in a cool climate. If Phoenix heat proves overwhelming, I can escape to cool, clear, perfect Flagstaff summer weather and a neglected mountain bike. My plan is to have a definite Phoenix address by the end of this week so I can focus on rapidly approaching final exams.

Enrollment for fall semester opens tomorrow morning for me. I’ll be signing up for classes for my next-to-last semester. It makes me a little sad. I only need 3 more classes to complete my degree, but I’m taking a few additional ones so I can sit for the CPA exam after graduation. I don’t plan on taking any summer classes which is unusual. The summer will be full enough with work and living. So that’s the usual rundown of life.

Snow is almost gone and the days are warm and sunny. I planned to go mountain biking yesterday but called off those plans since even walking was very difficult for me. I will go soon, though. This weekend I’ll be in Phoenix again for lunch at an IT firm. Next weekend is lunch at a public accounting firm. Then there’s a golf tournament with accountants and professors, and then I’ll be in Omaha again for the next weekend. Then it’s finals week and then I move to Phoenix and the craziness starts all over again.