Sloop John B

It’s that time of year again; final exams are a few days away; the library is jammed; lines are long at Starbucks; once again I’m in unbelief that another semester is almost over. In many ways it’s sad; (yes, I may use semi-colons in every single sentence if I choose) it means my college days are closer to ending.

Am I still enjoying school? Yes, but… things have changed. Lectures are no longer novelties—they are long, but I still enjoy the occasional good lecture. I’ve attended something like 970 of them—I should know. There ARE differences in lectures. Freshman classes are still awkward, but freshmen are just weird. I’m not a freshman anymore. Now I can blame it on others and stay comfortably aloof. School has become more of a career path, thanks to student loans and other obligations that stand ready to crush me after graduation. So I have gotten more attuned to the job front. Career fairs are regular events, I know a lot of recruiters by first name, and interviews aren’t so bad after doing a dozen or more. The resume writing stress has largely disappeared, thanks to a huge bank of previous resumes from which I can pull a potent enough vitae in minutes to get an interview for almost any position in a wide variety of careers. I know from experience that putting sweaty hands while waiting in the interview queue on my suit pants will leave huge white stains. I can tie a tie without a mirror. You learn stuff in college.

Stuff like never addressing a Dr. as a Mr. or Mrs… It doesn’t work to call everyone a Dr., either. Details are important. Green chili bagels are the best; get them while you can because Einstein’s doesn’t always have them. Avoid Mein Bowl like the plague—except their eel sushi. Jazzman’s has better coffee than Einstein’s because they don’t cross-contaminate all their brews with hazelnut. Winning thousands of dollars in funny money at Casino Night no longer excites me. There are many more worthy causes than I can participate in. I’ll probably never do the undie run held each semester. Flagstaff is a tiny town in the middle of a huge desert. But I still enjoy it.

So hoist up the John B’s sail,
See how the mainsail sets.
Call for the captain ashore,
Let me go home, let me go home,
I wanna go home, let me go home,
Why don’t you let me go home?