Snow, Snow, Snow

The snow is piling up outside. It snowed all day and this morning the wind was blowing at the same time making blizzard conditions. Since most of the students live on campus, classes were not canceled. Lots of people were wearing ski goggles just to walk between classes. At 3PM school was finally cancelled. Now there’s two feet of snow on the ground. Snow forts are being constructed all over campus and there is a steady stream of ‘tourists’ through Gillenwater to take pictures with Gilly, the 14 foot tall snowman we built yesterday. A group of eight people just streamed into my room en route to pose with Gilly leaving behind clumps of snow all over the carpet. I loaned my gloves to another sightseer for a snowball fight. The weather forecast is calling for snow all night until noon tomorrow.

The concept for Gilly originated at the Breakfast table in the Hot Spot Sunday morning. Saturday and Sunday mornings are definitely highlights for me and the many others who push tables together in the café to catch up on last week’s happenings. Last Sunday we had 18 at the Breakfast table—this Sunday there were only 8. The omelet line was short, the pineapple was fresh, the coffee was good, making for a cheerful atmosphere indeed. This was the setting for the inspiration of Gilly.

We started with eight people. Soon others and friends of others showed up to help and take pictures. In four hours Gilly was finished. Most people like Gilly but a group from the ‘far end’ has been screaming death threats at Gilly; this is a concern. I found over a hundred pictures of Gilly on Facebook and since there are Groups for everything under the sun, I made one for Gilly. Check it out here. I’m borrowing a few pics to post here on the blog, I’ll take them down after a few days because they aren’t mine…