Spring Daze

Today is another perfect day. Sixty degrees, sunny, no clouds or wind; just another awesome day in Arizona high country. Even the sirens don’t seem as frequent as usual. I have the usual workload—resumes, cover letters, homework, interview prep—but lack the usual impetus to make headway on these tasks. Having just returned from a remarkably simple lunch of steamed broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and rice, and having gotten a taste of the perfect outdoor weather, I hesitate to return to the desk and the tasks that must be done before tomorrow.

Yesterday I tried to teach one of my friends how to ski. I was somewhat discouraged that skiing does not come naturally for some people as it did for me. I was skiing blue runs without falling on my very first day on the slope—yesterday my student could not even get down a green without falling at every turn. Indeed, we were not able to stray from the bunny slope and rode the lift a total of two times the entire day—both times my friend succeeded at getting poles, skis, arms, and legs inexplicably entangled with the moving chair. Which means we made exactly three runs down the short bunny hill. I guess I’m not a very good teacher. I managed to slip in a few long runs while my friend was resting, but spent the better portion of my day in the preschooler zone being bombarded with out-of-control skiers on a slope as flat as a parking lot. Nevertheless, I was satisfied with the situation as I was much too sore from Wednesday to take on another day of steeps.

Next week I have an interview with a Big Four accounting firm for a slot in their national leadership conference. Summer interns are chosen from conference attendees, and future employees are chosen from summer interns. So this is a potential opening, albeit with many more hoops to jump through en route. Such is the way of big corporate. One in every eight or so resumes I submit gets me an interview, and one in every four or so interviews gets me a position. If I learn nothing else while in college, I’ll learn the job application process thoroughly.