Storm of a Century

I’m sitting at my desk for the 3rd day in a row, exhausted and feeling all loose and wonderful after a 5 mile cross country ski trip this afternoon. The food is getting low in the kitchen as I’ve been living off of my scant supply of food since Wednesday. At my right is a big mug of hot cocoa and the rest of the cheese and crackers from the back of the fridge. It’s the last meal in the house; tomorrow I must venture out and see if the roads are passable.

The snow started Tuesday evening and finally slowed this afternoon. According to the forecast it’s almost over; only another 10” tonight as the storm blows itself out. That’s on top of the 48” that has fallen in the past 72 hours. Yesterday night I dug out the car and installed tire chains but have yet to get enough courage to challenge the deep dense snow of the parking lot. Perhaps the greater fear is that I will lose my hard earned parking spot. Neighboring cars are completely buried, only humps and antennas left to mark the car.

The snow did not come with the wind that the weatherman promised and, as a result of deep snow, roofs are collapsing around town. My favorite bookstore, Bookman’s, collapsed this morning along with Joann Fabrics and Little Caesar’s Pizza ($5 large pizzas…). That’s quite a blow to my routine of bookstore and cheap pizzas. The ice hockey arena also collapsed and Home Depot, Safeway, Target, and parts of the mall were evacuated because of badly sagging roofs. We planned to go skiing at Snowbowl today, but alas, the resort was closed because of too much snow. I guess the road was not open to get up to the base of the mountain.

100<em>2920 100</em>2922

The bike rack



These are cars!

100<em>2943 100</em>2964 100_2968

The urban trail, notice the iron fence is buried…


48” ski poles buried in snow…


I like these trees..

100<em>2988 100</em>2992



This was so awesome…

100<em>2997 100</em>3003

Yes, I skied on I-40, just to say I did it..

Adios, friends!