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I should be working on a formal paper that’s due Wednesday. There is math study that must be done now. And so it’s been for the last three weeks; the list of jobs keeps piling up faster than I can check them off.

Last week was a week with several advising appointments with different departments: accounting, computer information, Asian studies, and honors. For the first time a plan is beginning to congeal. The MBA is not a possibility, unless I extend my stay for another year which I will gladly do upon sponsorship to cover the $6 thousand surcharge for the Masters degree… Here is the result of ten advising sessions and continual tweaking throughout the time I’ve been here. Building this is a real juggle as certain upper-level classes are not offered every semester and pre-requisites need to be completed for all. If all goes as planned I’ll be able to do an Accounting major, with Computer Information certificate, Asian studies minor, with honors. The honors is the writing stuff…Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Retreat is this weekend with the Alumni club; hopefully we’ll travel south to get out of snow or rent cabins to keep warm. It’s still snowing regularly, it might even be some kind of a record winter. The ski area a few miles away and 2000 v. feet above us has gotten over 250” this season already. Tonight I put the bike chains back on for navigating the snowy paths between the math and business building.

Last week was crammed full; I worked extra hours in IT, worked early Saturday morning at a staff person’s house cleaning up their computers, then put in an eight hour day at the furniture store. It’s the first semester to have positive cash flow, but the price is steep. I’m hoping it doesn’t affect my grades… My IT supervisor gets me occasional moonlighting jobs with staff and professors to work on personal computers. All around it’s a pretty awesome gig. And now my tea is cold and eyelids are heavy and I still have shirts to iron for tomorrow…