Strawberry Fields

The weekend is winding down and I’m nearly done with homework. I need a break from research and papers, and my usual respite in a book doesn’t look appealing, so I’ll pound out a journal entry. I went for a long run this afternoon which helped clear the little pathways in my brain that connect thoughts and experiences into legible papers. Other than that, and going out Friday night, I have been inputting characters into Microsoft Word since Friday afternoon, hoping to somehow fulfill my weekend quota of 5 papers on a variety of topics.

The Haiti one was easy; I went considerably over the 250 word requirement because it is not a simple task to explain slavery in Haiti today in so few words. The one on Darwin and the one comparing different extinction theories of dinosaurs was more challenging. In the final hour I decided to take the subjects at face value and share my interpretation of a website on the topic. I still have one more page to write on another paper that is supposed to explain how authors have license to write stories without endings, i.e. moral dilemmas and other unanswerable questions. And then one more to write about natural selection and why the finch’s beak studies are so convincing or why they are not. Whew. That explains the run. Also, today was the Phoenix marathon; I was feeling just a little guilty for not participating, instead did a long run around Flagstaff to assuage my conscience.

I am sort of planning on dropping a class after I get input from the professor on the issue. I love all the classes, especially the honors ones, and it’ll be painful to drop one. But for sanity’s and socializing’s sake slowing down a little will be a good thing.

Tomorrow the snow begins and will continue all through the week according to the weather people. We’re expecting 2-3 feet again and I’m hoping for some free time to enjoy it. I promised to take a Chinese friend skiing sometime this winter and now the winter is upon us and we have not yet gone. How time flies.

Also tomorrow I plan to drive to Scottsdale to replace my iPod, whose sleep button mysteriously stopped working. It’s still under warranty and works ok without the button, but the only way to get an instant replacement is to go to the Apple store in person. So I will go because going without iPod for even a day is more than I’m willing for. I don’t wear earbuds in public—I carry grudges and harbor negative thoughts against those who do; the calendar and email feature is what I am inseparable to. (O, to be able to go back to the days of no calendar…) Tomorrow would be a good day to ski, but alas, I have a paper yet to write and accounting homework besides, and tomorrow is a holiday, which means lift lines will be long and ticket prices will be steep, even for an optimist. I digress.