Summer is in full swing. In the DC that means the roads are less congested, the streets are hazy and bright with humidity and concrete, and the over-zealous little people of the District become a little less so. Even Congress takes a break from deliberations with a summer recess, in spite of passing the lowest number of bills “since people began keeping track of these things,” in the words of the Washington Post. The silver lining is that things could be worse. Life, as we know it, is relatively stress-free and peaceful.

I guess that’s the way things are in the DC. When observed from a distance, say Chicago or Boston, the city seems insignificant in the scheme of mankind, aside from it being my home, which of course makes it the very best place in all of the world.

I’m writing this in a lively cafe in North End Boston, a doppio macchiato with a side of cannoli pulsing through my veins and firing my key fingers. It’s been a great week.

2013-08-14 18.59.41

The best, quickest, and cheapest route between my hotel and downtown is the water taxi, and the weather has cooperated nicely for my morning and evening rides in a small open boat through the harbor.

2013-08-12 17.24.55

The conference room I’m working from has a beautiful birds-eye view of the harbor with its constant stream of sailboats, water taxis, cruise boats, tall ships, and freight barges. At night fisherman fish off the pier and pull up squid by the bucketful. The tide height is different, too. In Maryland, the tide height is 2-3 ft; in Boston it’s 10-11 ft, so you can almost see the water going up and down in the harbor.

2013-08-15 12.01.13

One evening I rented a Hubway bike share bike and rode around the downtown and north parts of Boston. Boston doesn’t have as many stations as New York or DC but the bikes are of equal quality and are just as much fun. The streets are little and dippy and narrow, kind of like the old parts of New York. Before Boston, I was in Chicago for a week, and used their Divvy bike share program there.

2013-08-12 18.29.03 2013-07-29 07.54.20

My hotel was near the lake shore along Magnificent Mile in Chicago, with Navy Pier and Millennium Park a short walk from work and the hotel. I had a wonderful time in Chicago, biking the Lakefront Path, exploring some amazing cafes and restaurants, and just being a good little tourist.

2013-07-29 08.00.35

Chicago has a magnificent downtown area, hence the name. It’s very nice. While Boston may have espresso mastered, Chicago has a lot of really good coffee roasters and hipster-age shops. Dollop and Intelligentsia kept me wired.

2013-07-30 07.24.17 2013-07-30 18.45.42

Well, I’m signing off. Heading out to the wharf to catch a taxi back across the waters.. Cheers!

2013-08-15 17.45.43