Summer wrap-up

Summer is winding down. The mornings are cool and damp. I've been exploring some nearby mountain bike trails, and I'm not unimpressed. It's been awhile since I've ridden singletrack and every ride has been a lot of fun. Finding the perfect line over rock outcrops and lunging over logs provides a full body workout and appreciation of fine balance that's missing from the road bike. Early morning rides with slick rocks and roots add variety.
It's surprising how much can exist in a few square miles of woodland. There's a small lake, picnic areas, and about ten miles of singletrack. The trails are really a mesh of connectors, with an intersection every few hundred yards, but who cares. It means more time to focus on technique and the trail, instead of riding waiting for a destination. I can ride until I'm tired then cut over to the parking lot or head home.

Labor Day weekend was very relaxing. I had Friday off as well, so took the mountain bike out for a ride, did a road ride, and little else all weekend. There's free lawn music every Friday afternoon/evening a two minute walk away in the town square so that's always worth a stroll.