Hello again from sunny Flagstaff, where the skies are clear and blue all day long. Not much is happening as you may already have deduced from the fact that I am writing yet another blog post. Yesterday I went to Habitat store and put in my hours there, helping the homeless by driving around Flag in the U-haul truck picking up donated appliance to sell for money to build houses. Habitat just finished 3 houses in June. These were small houses, but still valued at/around $260k each in Flagstaff’s market. Volunteers are in short supply now, so I did the route by myself this time. It’s a little more work that way and I don’t get to ride with interesting people who have ranged from a retired Berkeley professor, a high school math teacher, and an assortment of delinquents—juvenile and otherwise—putting in community service hours. I worked ahead because I plan to go camping this weekend, and we’re leaving this afternoon, probably returning late Saturday sometime.

Things are quiet on campus, but another friend got a bike stolen this week; that’s number four in my circle of friends in the past 3 months… My roommate and I keep our bikes in our room because these bike thieves don’t seem to mind whether they steal cheap or expensive bikes or bikes with good locks or cheap locks. Sometimes they leave the bike and strip the components. I’ve seen many a bike frame tied forlornly to a bike rack. That’s almost worse than taking the whole bike. A bike to a college kid is a pretty substantial asset.

And with that, my friends, I will get out of my chair and appreciate favorable weather by going outside and pursuing nonproductive activities because I can. I will be back. ’til next time…