Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thursday (4/24/08) evening I rode Strohms Hollow Trail ahead of a thunderstorm. I raced down, top speed 36.1 mph, only to discover at the bottom that my tire was plum flat. I found a pinch slit and put in a new tube I had along. I got into the pickup just as the first drops of rain hit the windshield. The new Cannondale handled surprisingly well going fast on loose stuff. It seemed a little less stable than my old bike, but then I was going a few miles an hour faster, too. I was able to really yank the bike around the sharp turn at midway without the doomed feeling which sometimes rears up about part way through a fast corner.

Saturday I sort of planned to go to Shaeffer Rocks to warm up my climbing skills. Jonathan and I are toying with the idea of camping at Seneca Rocks, WV next weekend. The last climbing I’ve done was probably at White Rocks last November. We really should do a little practice before taking on the multi-pitch exposed climbs of Seneca. A little rehearsal definitely speeds the knot tying and gear placement when up on the wall. But, I kind of lost my enthusiasm for Shaeffer and Jonny had to work so I went mountain biking instead with Jordan and friends. We explored the area between Woodrow and Michaux roads, which is probably the core of Michaux mountain biking. We wanted to run the race route for next Sunday, but got sidetracked on some logging roads. We had fun and some spills and a flat and a nasty climb. Then we rode over the Grave Ridge ‘graveyard’ and up Dead Womans Hollow Trail. Jordan and I finished with a Strohms Hollow downhill for a total of 16 miles. Every ride I do seems to end up being over 15 miles long somehow. We were tired after the DWH 3 mile climb and the downhill was pretty fun. Today I went back to the Woodrow area on foot and found the DH play area by asking a guy riding a downhill bike where all the trails were. He claimed that these trails were worth driving two hours for; there were some pretty dramatic drops and boulders, some drops up to eight feet high. I’d love to try it on my XC, but I know better. I may do it anyway.