Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today I went for a leisurely bike ride in the mountains. I rode my favorite parts of my favorite trails; I went down the near-vertical powerline trail be Big Flat parking lot, and rode over Grave Ridge. I shuttled my bike between trails because I was lazy.
The powerline drop was ok, but not as much fun as previously. It’s not hard anymore; the fear of an endo isn’t real anymore, I guess. To make it down, tuck your chest down against the bike seat, put your butt behind the back tire, and hang on. Speed will conquer the roughness of the trail. And that’s about it.

Grave Ridge gets better every time I ride it. Last time I rode the whole thing without touching my feet to the ground, but this time I unclipped on the first curve and blew that plan right at the start. Grave Ridge is probably close to a mile long, and the trail follows the top of a narrow rock outcropping most of the way. The first part has many roots, and the last is a real boneyard of stacked rocks. You’ll have to ride it a few times to really appreciate the trail.

I still had some time and energy left so I hunted up a bubbling spring. This spring is one of, if not the -best spring I’ve yet found. It is enclosed by a stone wall, possibly built by the CCC when they were in the area and flows year-round. It’s a few inches deep and always bubbling. The setting is perfect, with huge hemlocks around it and very little undergrowth. I’d love to camp there, but never have because it’s just too perfect to mess up. If you’ve never been there, don’t even try to find it. It’s a buried treasure of Michaux that few know about. If you’re one of those few, please keep your mouth shut to preserve this spring, the surrounding area, and its natural setting.