Sunday, August 31, 2008

It’s Labor Day weekend and there’s not much happening around Flagstaff. Kirk and Murkey have left, leaving our entire block in silence. It’s eerily quiet without Kirk’s booming voice next door, without him hollering out to someone across the way, and without his intense music going 24/7. As Kristen said, “What will we do without Kirk?” Really. When he comes back on Monday there will be huge weepy hugs all around and life will again take the form of a buzzing, happy community. Now everybody seems to be resting; Geno slept ’til 2pm, I am too sore to do anything but homework, and a few others are doing laundry and other domestic duties like hauling trash and stacking clothes. I rode my bike over to South Campus this morning to check out the shadow of a sculpture in the morning sun (for an art assignment), but that was quite a task because I had to ride over a hill between here and there. Monday Paul and I plan to hike to the top of Mt. Humphrey outside of town. It’s 13,000 feet high and also the highest point in AZ. We’re hoping for fair weather, which right now, seems like a long shot with the weather we have today. It rained and drizzled most of the day and the peak of Humphrey’s has been in the clouds all day. Clouds are better than thunder storms, but the weather on the peak might be down to freezing temps, and it’s often very windy up there.

I took a math placement test on Friday and found out I do not know any Algebra, even if I think I do. I had to guess at every single question on the test. So, I tried getting a beginner class in Math, but everything is booked full. That will have to wait, unless I can figure out a way to work around it. I applied at the Computer Help Desk for a job this morning; hopefully they’ll let me in there, even though I have little fundamental knowledge of computers. Friday most of the Gillenwater residents had no classes in the afternoon, so we had a barbecue for lunch out on the deck. Then there was a birthday party in the evening and I got in on that barbecue, too, because I won a Donkey Ball (aka Chinese Golf, Redneck Golf) tournament with one of the party-goers. Donkey Balls, as it’s called here, is a pretty popular game for evenings and between classes. There’s a volleyball game going almost non-stop after 3pm in the courtyard, so between classes I can get some exercise if I want it. Tuesday and Thursday we played Ultimate Frisbee in the evenings; Tuesday we were expecting maybe 8-12 people, but 60 showed up, so we had two packed-full games. Thursday was much better –we only had 7 on a side, which was perfect. Ultimate’s a lot of running and jumping, and that’s probably why I’m so sore today. Wednesday there was a soccer game, but I was in class so I missed that. I had a geography class, and it’s by far my biggest class. It’s held in an auditorium that seats several hundred students. All of the other classes, with the exception of Art –which has 500 students and is televised, are nicely sized at around 30 people or less. Professors are available during office hours, and are easy to talk to without appointments. All of this means that if I get bad grades, it’s nobody’s fault but mine.