The Longest Week

Hello from warm and sunny Flagstaff, a town overrun at this time of the year by tourists and students. The nights are a little cooler and I’m looking forward to a long autumn season in the high desert. A few hours away, Phoenix is still putting up with near 100 degree days but it was a chilly 45 this morning at 6 when I went for my run.

This week has been exceptional in that I haven’t had a single minute of free time, at least that’s what it seems like. Too many times I’ve had to push off homework until the last hour or minute before it’s due. That’s a recipe for disaster and I know it, besides it’s harder for me to concentrate when working so near the deadlines. I haven’t had time to cook any food, instead I’ve been eating on the run from the cafeteria and food courts all week. In math class Thursday I was the first to finish a quiz, so I used my few minutes of bonus time to run over to Starbucks, get lunch of tea and pastry, and slide back into my seat for the second half of class.

Gmail was down for an hour on Tuesday. It happened right between classes when I needed an email to pick up a textbook. Just another kink in my day, I had to ride across campus direct to the office and ask them face to face for the textbook, but alas, their system was also Gmail dependant and was down as well. I got my book after they did a manual check and then furiously rode back to the other end of campus for math class. The incident scared me enough that I configured Outlook IMAP again to save a copy of all email on my computer hard drive. Question to ponder: What would the world be like if Google and Gmail were to crash and burn?

Classes are going swimmingly, with economics surprisingly my hardest one so far. The others I’ve managed to excel at without opening the books outside of class. At least I don’t have research papers and essays to write every week this semester. My hard accounting class turned out to be one of the easiest classes, although my classmates hate it and are struggling severely. It seems like the many hours spent learning QuickBooks and accounting principles to apply to my own business years ago is finally paying off. Study groups are more and more commonplace the higher I advance in my degree plan. I guess there’s a lack of team players graduating, and this is an attempt to teach collaboration on projects. Groups are a good idea and I learn to know a lot of people really good that way, but the schedule can be quite demanding at times.

And now it’s bedtime for this tired boy. Not having to wait to go to bed at 4am when my roommate decides to is a tremendous empowerment to me. Getting up after 4 hours of sleep and stumbling down the hall to the bathroom to shower, only to discover that the floor was flooded from some [very stupid person] taking a 40 minute shower with the curtain on the wrong side of the wall, was not a very good start to a day—not a very good motivator for me to get up early and get exercise. I love my roommates more every day when I see the sparkly clean bathroom, spotless kitchen, and expensive toys arranged neatly in the living room. A long time ago I promised myself that when I lived in McKay and had my own apartment I would get up early every morning and go for a wake-up run before eating breakfast, showering, and starting the day. Now I’m here, it’s better than I ever dreamed, and time will tell how long this new empowerment lasts…