The most bestest day of my life

I woke up at 6 AM Saturday morning and –after a pop tart and a bowl of cereal, walked over to Old Main to meet up with the LAA club. From there we walked over to the Weatherford Hotel in downtown to sell Homecoming T-shirts at the alumni breakfast in the hotel and outside on the street to whomever else wanted to buy them. T-shirts are something LAA sells to raise money for a scholarship we award in the spring. The downtown streets were blocked for Tequila Sunrise, which is an annual event where all the bars open at 5AM and ‘if you’re not wasted, the day is’ and ‘you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning’, as the t-shirts read. By 9AM there were drunk people and cops everywhere. People were kissing us, hugging us, passing out around us. A semi-aggressive stance was necessary to avoid being molested by people who didn’t know what they were doing. I wonder what the alumni thought of such a strong representation of Northern Arizona University.

The next stop was noon at the Tailgate Party before the football game. I grabbed a few plates of free food; many people had moved in with RVs and barbecues to cook up delicious brisket and brats. Sales were good there and we had an hour and a half of free time to attend the football game or go home and take a nap. I decided to watch the game and go home and nap later. Well, I found some friends and forgot about time and didn’t leave until the beginning of the 3rd quarter. The stadium was jammed full of energetic people because this game was a playoff between the top two teams in our division.

I left the Dome at 4:50 and had to be at the opposite end of campus at 5, so I stopped at home long enough to grab a pop tart and Diet Coke to get me through the next two hours. We decorated the dance hall and got everything ready for the evening, with only an hour left to dress and eat.

We met back at the ballroom at 7:30 to set up refreshments and sell tickets at the door. I ended up without a job so that meant I was free to do what I wanted during the dance. A lot of us got out on the dance floor and messed around, trying moves, making new ones up as we went. This was my first dance; I had no idea what a dance really was about, I just knew it was something I probably couldn’t do. After I had been out there moving around with different groups, a girl came up and asked me to dance with her and I told her no –I couldn’t dance. Right away some other girls heard, and came at me screaming and told me that was the rudest thing I could do, ever, even if I couldn’t dance. She was too nice to treat that way, so we danced, or rather she told me what to move when. “Step, don’t slide -feel the music…” It was really a lot of fun and, while I didn’t really improve much, I had a blast just being out there with different people who wanted to try me. I didn’t get much of a break all evening; the four hour dance was exhausting. It didn’t seem very formal and I enjoyed myself immensely. The thought would come to me that maybe I was making a klutz out of myself and would provide content for the drunken mimes that surely take place after every dance, but I didn’t care; I was having the most fun of my life. The people I met seemed sincere and unconcerned about my lack of experience. Everybody was happy. I met dozens of new people and I only wish that I could remember all their names. The dance was over at midnight and within half an hour we had everything cleaned up and put away. I was not in the mood for sleep, so I went over to CJ’s house for awhile to hang out. It was 3AM before I got home. I was still in an impossibly-happy cloud while walking home. I fondly pulled strands of long hair off of my suit before putting it away, each color reminding me of something pleasant…