The Scarecrow’s Dream

..don’t remember when I last wrote in here and too lazy to look. Classes are going ok, but only barely. The days are so long and so full. Today I went non-stop from 5:30am to 10:00pm—I consider typing in the blog therapy so am not tracking the time now. The Alumni Club had a 6am breakfast meeting at a local cafe this morning, then it was off to the math tutor, then over to Anthro class, then back to the tutor, then off to work via Taco Bell. At 7pm I finally left the business building and raced my bike across campus for another meeting, which lasted until 8:30, after which I hurriedly typed a two page paper on plot twists for writing class. The bike is splattered and grimy from slush and sand…someday I will clean it. I really love it.

The business college is still a bright spot in my days, which is fortunate considering the many hours each day spent there by yours truly. Seeing happy groups of students studying and collaborating in the many glass-walled breakout rooms built for the purpose encourages me every time. My study groups are a joy, especially the ones in the business classes. I’m amazed every time at how productive small groups of students of all religions from all over the world can be. Having glass breakout rooms with new computers that always work, large tables and white boards definitely provides an empowering atmosphere. These rooms are seldom empty, even on weekends or late nights.

It’s now too late to question my kicks and giggles decision to study pre-calculus. The drop deadline is past—now I’ve got to get in shape fast or face failure. I’m seeing tutors for the first time in my college career. This class keeps me awake at night. And it’s not even required for my degree. Sadly, classes is all I have time for these days. The last few Saturdays have been spent working my weekend job, which only leaves 12-15 hours a week for homework. Spring Break is already reserved for a research paper and conference presentation preparation.

I’m contemplating cutting back and extending my college time by another year or two. There is really no excuse for rushing through this. Thursday afternoon I have an appointment with Excel to calculate the costs and benefits of such a decision. It’s on my calendar—there is no earlier opening.