Hello and welcome to my little corner of Northern Virginia. It’s Sunday evening and I’m winding down, getting ready for another week. My schedule has tamed down as far as travel goes, but I did make a quick day trip to Florida for lunch on Thursday.

Labor Day weekend was pleasant. The girl and I went to Baltimore and spent the day in the Inner Harbor area, went through the Aquarium, etc. Monday morning I rode the Arlington Triangle – a 21 mile bike ride on paved commuter trails that goes from Falls Church to Reagan Airport, along the Potomac River to Rosslyn, and then back to Falls Church. I took Friday off for a nice short week. Saturday we did a little more shopping for an upcoming wedding.

I just finished a quick ride around the Triangle again tonight. My trusty Garmin watch is being a little wonky and not saving my rides properly. We’ve gone a lot of miles together and I think we have a bright future, if only G would step up its game.

Reading-wise, I’ve read half of Mark Helprin’s A Soldier of the Great War on this week’s plane rides. Also in progress are Automate This and The Panopticon. I’m still laboring through Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Powerwhich I hope to finish soon. The book I’m enjoying the most, however, is Tartine Bread. I’m all fired up about baking natural-leavened bread. It can’t be that hard, and I like a good challenge. Prior cooking challenges have not always ended in success. Here’s to something new!

2013-06-20 17.36.27