The Weaver of Grass

Just got back from a 3 mile run under a moon too bright to look at. Few things are more enjoyable than a night run under the moon and stars at 7,000 feet in the middle of the desert. You have to try it to appreciate it. Some nights I struggle to make it up the hills on San Francisco; today I ran them several times without so much as heavy breathing. Not sure why the difference; I eat very little food these days. Maybe it was the moon. This was my break from hours of writing and revising papers—which to me is harder than writing them the first time. Yet, here I am, not working on papers. For the honors class alone, I wrote 14 papers from 2 to 19 pages long each. All this in a 15 week semester. In addition to these, there were 4 scholarship essays and 6 papers for my other classes. So, around 24 papers written in the past 14 weeks. No wonder I’m about writ out. I begin my first 300-level English class in June. What am I thinking.

I’m still waiting to hear the results of last week’s externship interviews. In the meantime, I’m frantically trying to wrap up all my assignments and prepare for final exams and move to another house. All in the next few days. Work at the furniture store is taking all my free time, which is good, but means I haven’t cracked the economics and accounting textbooks for the past few weeks. There is a good deal of catch-up to do before exams, yes there is. Plans are to spend the latter half of finals week mountain biking in Moab, Utah. Gonna be the best finals week ever. Period.

‘night everybody, I’m off to the library.