The World Goes On Below Us

This is the best semester yet. I say this every semester because every one is better than the last. Career season is upon us again; it seems a little abstract that I apply for jobs now (and last summer already) that I anticipate starting in 2013, but that is the way of it. I applied for several internships that I am interested in, particularly with firms I’ve already met and people I know from summer’s externships and networking events. I already got one call from a recruiter I know personally who saw my application, the kind of call that every business student wants. I applied to work on a traveling administrative team in public accounting—although not sure how long I would enjoy a job with 70% nationwide travel. The recruiter called me the next day and said they were holding a business advising position open for me which was not posted, and would I be more interested in a west coast consulting position rather than working on a nationwide team? If so, I could bypass campus interviews and they would bring me directly to their offices for a day of interviews. This is exactly the position I am pursuing, so yes, I am very happy.

As I type, I am proctoring a big accounting exam, the gateway into the world of business for all business students. Yesterday I held a review class for math exam prep and also helped with a large study session for this accounting exam. It feels pretty good to have all these benchmark tests behind, all that are left are the really big exams.

Classes I am taking this semester:

Accounting Information Systems; this class deals with setting up and maintaining accounting and information systems, more specifically computer processes. The accounting aspect includes internal controls and audit processes, which is an almost endless topic. Process flowcharting is also covered extensively in this class. This is the class that bunches students up in groups and keeps them in the business college until late at night, trying to complete an impossible amount of homework and extensive projects with tight time constraints.

Financial Accounting II; intermediate class on financial accounting and reporting. We’re covering a few of the financial statements in great detail, also learning the conceptual framework of accounting principles.

Religions of the World; this class, to satisfy the religions part of my Asian Studies minor, touches on the main religions of the world and attempts to define what religion really is.

Operating Systems; this class is mainly about Unix operating systems found in enterprise systems and is an introduction to Windows Server 2008.

Operations Management; a class on operations management covering Six Sigma, lean production, and continuous improvement production processes, as well as queuing theory (waiting lines), quality control, and a multitude of other statistical/subjective measures.

Accounting Internship; a semester-long paid project involving reworking financial data from the IT department here in the business college into informative reports, and creating tools to track these costs into the future. I need to do information interviews, present my findings to the dean, and write an industry analysis paper as part of the final project assignment.

Finite Mathematics; the course I assist. I need to sit through all the classes and know enough about the material to hold my own study sessions for students. Content is linear programming, matrices, probability, supply/demand functions, and time value of money stuff. Not too hard, but math still stumps me pretty easily at the abstract level.

And now the room is emptying out, a few students left scratching their heads and furrowing their brows. And, a guy coming to buy my bike rack listed on Craigslist. I am selling out; first the Subaru, now the bike rack. The good news is I found a couple to rockclimb with…