Those Shoes

Spring Break is here, and today I took advantage of it by spending the day skiing on the mountain. Weather is getting warm in town with highs near 60 every day this week. There’s still plenty of snow up at 10,000 feet, although temps did rise above freezing this afternoon.

This morning I got up bright and early and got a good parking spot and one of the first chairs up to the top of a freshly groomed green Easy run. Skiing wasn’t as hard as it was for me last year so I went over to the steep side and skied a few blue runs before getting brave enough to try a black. Things went okay; I found pleasure in skiing with the ground close to my uphill shoulder so I kept venturing further up the mountain on steeper and longer runs. I met my match when trying a black mogul run and ended up at the bottom a weak and quivering mass of shattered confidence. Falling near the top of a run is very bad because it sucks confidence and makes the muscles quiver with fear all the way down. I now have a healthy fear of moguls.

Tomorrow I go back to work at my desk. I anticipate soreness and difficulty climbing stairs so tomorrow will probably be an elevator day. Saturday I am going back to Snowbowl with some others; hopefully I’ll be recuperated by then. And that will wrap up my downhill skiing for this season because the resort closes on April 11 and I have too much other stuff to do and too little cash to spend sliding on snow.

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