Time to pretend

It’s back to the books for me after a fantastic vacation in Colorado and Utah. I’ll be taking Math and English classes for the next 5 weeks. I don’t feel like writing about classes so I won’t today.

We got to Bobby and Susan’s house in Colorado Thursday afternoon and hung around there until Sunday morning. Friday morning Susan and I got up bright and early and rode our mountain bikes up to the top of nearby Keystone Resort. The skies were a bit cloudy and we rode through rain at different points along the way up the mountain. After a 6 mile, 2000 ft. climb on access roads and single-track trail we reached the top of the hill around 11,400 and checked out the views. The ride down was a lot of fun, but didn’t last long. Keystone has plenty of bike trails for all abilities—from the smooth winding single track trails that we rode, to the drop zones with 22 feet of mandatory air, and everything in between. Then it was home for lunch and more relaxing time. Later in the afternoon, between rain showers, Davis, Susan, Andy, and I went for a 4 mile bike loop in the mountains behind the house. Andy is a 6 month old Golden Retriever pup, who is either sleeping or full of energy. It was Davis’s first time mountain biking and he did well; but he still isn’t convinced that bikes should be ridden over rocks and roots. We went to town and ate at a nice restaurant in Dillon.

Saturday, July 4, a holiday, we spent in much the same way. Susan and I somehow got up at 7am and hit the mountain bike trails again. This time Bobby drove us up the mountain a ways in the jeep, saving us a few hours of climbing. We rode uphill another 3 miles to the Colorado Trail and rode down several miles of absolutely perfect single track with great views all along the way. Where we were, everything was very green, the streams were full and numerous, the wildflowers were blooming, the sky was blue, and it was just another fabulous day in the mountains. After 15 miles of single track, two very muddy people with two very muddy bikes got back to the house in the cove around noon. We drove to Subway for lunch, then Bobby took us up to the top of a mountain in the jeep. We drove up to 12,000 feet elevation, but couldn’t do the entire route we wanted to because of deep snow on the road at one spot. We turned around and went back down to where the warm was, stopping at an abandoned silver mine along the way. We planned to drive to Frisco and watch fireworks over the lake, but after more relaxing at the house Davis, Susan, and I got a brainy idea to bike around the Dillon lake to Frisco to watch the fireworks. It was a 10 mile ride on smooth bike path next to a spectacular lake with sailboats, a moon, a nice sunset, and snowy peaks. Totally worth the effort.

Sunday morning we packed for the drive back to Flagstaff. Susan tried, unsuccessfully, to get me out on yet another mountain bike ride. It’s not that I don’t like biking there, but 50 high elevation mountain miles in two days is quite a bit, plus we had a 10 hour drive in front of us. We pulled out of the cove around noon, and drove back to Flagstaff, stopping in Moab for lunch and ice cream. We planned to stop and hike to Hanging Lake along the way back, but the parking area on I-70 was packed full, with cars parked all the way out along the ramp to the interstate. We decided to skip the mob situation and keep the Honda in the wind. Thanks, Bobby and Susan and Andy, for an awesome time…