To All the Girls I’ve Loved

A few words before I fall asleep.. The last post on this blog was a journal—I want to push that entry down with something better. I don’t have much to say about girls here, except that they’ve taught me almost everything important that I know. Feel valuable. The title was too good to pass up, from a Willie Nelson song that popped into my head. The song really peeled back the memories; much more could be written, and maybe, someday, I will.

A quick rundown of the week for the record: Monday is already recorded on said previous post. The other days are very similar. Tuesday began at the same time and ended at the same time and included the same amount of classes and meetings. Wednesday, same. Thursday I made it home at 8:30 PM, an hour earlier than the rest of the weekdays. Friday morning I went out for breakfast to a cafe without wifi, intentionally, for the half hour break from the schedule. I still made it to campus by 7:30 AM, attended math class, did assorted homework and career tasks, then held an SI session in the evening to teach matrix tricks to a few diehard mathheads. I was back home by 9 PM, another long day at the business college. Saturday morning was spent at a previous dean’s house, setting up a wireless network and hooking their WII up to Netflix. It was a very enjoyable time and I found a friend who reveres the Escalante nearly as much as I do. She has written several books filled with poetry, drawings, and stories of her many years spent guiding hiking trips in the shadow of Earth Woman. She gave me one of them, which I am now reading with pleasure.

Today, did laundry, went to church, met friends for lunch, spent the afternoon at the business building, got sidetracked and spent the majority of my time wandering between various groups without getting much homework done, washed the car in the dark, went grocery shopping. G’night all…