To Be Where You Are

The days are getting shorter and the Flagstaff mornings have that winter chill. It snowed last week in the mountains but only dusted the town. Saturday I stacked the wood in the woodshed so it’s easy to get to when there there are feet of snow on the ground. The weather in Flagstaff is generally pleasant with highs near 70 every day. Nights dip to the low 20s but are gone with the sun. Day after day has clear cloudless sky and I think about why I chose to move here in the first place. Few other places have this mix of pleasant dry weather with extreme amounts of snow in the winter.

The town is manageable and friendly, the culture diverse, and the locals have a good share of small town tenacity. It feels like a good vacation; it was good for me to step back from the big cities and get a close up look at this southwestern mountain community. I’m about ready to get back to work, figuratively speaking, and continue being and doing again in the life I left to learn new skills. College has been a little like I would want retirement to be. I like having a lot to do, some responsibility, and no worries about money. I think this might be something very few people realize, so I indulge mightily in this privilege. The few that do notice usually won’t admit it or recognize the situation for how awesome it is.

I went out for sushi with a friend one night to a hip little dive–my first time there and another top place on my growing list of tiny but nice restaurants. The next night was an Olive Garden social followed by a presentation at the business school. Friday I drove to Phoenix with a few friends to tour a tech company and lunch with the senior executive team. Next Friday will be a repeat; never turn down an opportunity to talk with executive managers and hear about their life experiences. Next week’s meeting is at an elite IT consulting firm who advises executive teams on change management and software implementation. Changes are hard to make, and the businesses that can’t cope with change won’t have to because they won’t exist.

Yesterday I went on a fall hike with my mentee / little brother. We went up to the aspens at 9,000’ and enjoyed the fantastic scenery and pleasant fall weather.

Today—Sunday—I got up early-ish, went to church, smashed through piles of homework, and met friends for a few rounds of disc golf. Now I’m tired and sore and don’t feel like doing anything.

I’m still working on my graduation application and need a few more signatures before it’s official. There are fees for it, also, but I plan to use a friend’s robe so at least I won’t have to buy a suit that I’ll only wear once. And, that, my friends, is where I will stop for today. Good night everyone..